Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Bobby Watch Three


Pensioner arrested and locked in cell for shouting at yobs who threw stones at ducks

Story is from the Daily Mail so a certain cynicism required. but it is indicative of an increasing tendency to arrest first and ask questions later. Could this be, at least in part, relating to the habit of the police and taking DNA samples from everyone arrested and retaining them even after it is established there was no justification for the arrest.

Recently there has been lots of campaigning to allow innocent people to have their DNA records destroyed. The Government has given some ground and is introducing legislation to allow people to apply to court if their local Chief Constable insists on keeping their DNA. The small print however reveals that to do so applicants will need to pay £200. This effectively rules out many poor and working class people from exercising this right. Nice one Comrade Johnson.

For those who, like the police, argue that the massive UK DNA database is crucial for their heroic fight against crime it is slightly embarrassing that actually DNA is responsible for solving less than 1% of UK crime.

How do innocent people get removed from the police DNA database? Mark Thomas explains here

Further Information from GeneWatch UK

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