Sunday, 17 January 2010

American "Intelligence"

The CIA's budget is secret but informed estimates put it a massive $30 billion.

So when the agency decides to update its wanted poster for their number one target Osama Bin Laden (now aged 52) one expects some pretty impressive technology from so well funded an institution.   However it appears not.  Instead a CIA forensic artist searched google pictures for a 52 year old; found a picture of a Spanish Socialist politician of that age and then used photoshop to mix and match his features with a picture of Bin Laden aged 42. The stunning result of this technique is demonstrated below...

Gaspar Llamazares, the unfortunately 52 year old man whose picture the CIA artist found on the internet has expressed fears about his safety and decided it is unsafe to travel to the US.  A pretty smart deduction I think.

Meanwhile Bin Laden remains uncaptured despite the best endeavours of the CIA.  I wonder why?

Full story from the BBC

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