Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Mephedrone & Glue - A tale of two drugs

Mephedrone, plant food and occasional drug is to be banned by Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, on the advice of the Committee of Scientists who are prepared to give politically acceptable advice (AMCD).  This follows reports that Mephedrone may have been related to a number of its users deaths which have whipped up a moral panic with the media demanding action. There have been exceptions to this reporting most notably Edmund Conway in the Daily Telegraph whose article What economics teaches us about drugs  is well worth a read.

The number of deaths attributed to Mephedrone has been estimated as up to 25. None of these are confirmed and it could be that it turns out that none of the deaths were actually caused by the abuse of plant food. However compare this with glue and other solvents. We can still go to any major DIY retailer, supermarket, or even the average corner shop and buy this product. But glue has a number of uses one of which is as a 'legal high'. It does indeed but the only coverage of the alleged 60 deaths a year I can find is on CBBC and that is from 2003!. 

Glue and other solvents of course remains legal. As do the drugs which kill the most: Alcohol and Tobacco.

Hat tip to Mills for the idea and research.
Hat tips to Syncronium for picture - Link to Mephedrone article on that site here


  1. Any chance you can also link to my article on mephedrone in your post, in exchange for using the image? It's here: http://www.synchronium.net/2009/12/03/mephedrone-the-facts/

  2. There have only been two "reported" deaths from mephedrone