Sunday, 10 January 2010

Bobby Watch One

Over the next week I am going to blog a number of recent police stories. Each on their own may not be worrying but the intention is to show, through a series of stories, how policing is increasingly anti-social.

We start with a Bristol story. Craig and Philip Lewis and their friend Luke Monks found themselves staring in Avon and Somerset Police's 'Caught on camera' posters display in Police Stations and other public buildings in Bristol. Their pictures were captioned 'burglary'. One of their friends spotted them on the posters told them they were wanted for burglary. Worried about the implications they approached the police.

It turned out that the pictures where from the CCTV cameras of GO Outdoors store which they had visited together on the 16th November. They left without buying anything. Early in the morning of the following day the store was burgled. There was nothing to connect the trio to the burglary and it appears they were featured on the wanted posters purely on a speculative basis. Once they came forward they were quickly eliminated. Although it appears the police failed to let them know or indeed to remove the posters.

You can read more about the story on Evening Post site - Bristol security guard angry at wrongful accusation

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