Friday, 23 April 2010

Two Sailors and the General election

David Cameron's claim that he had met a 40 year old black man who had served in the Royal Navy for 30 years

has left him the butt of numerous jokes.   My favourite is Fridgemagnet's Cameron Poster generator which provides hours of entirely unproductive fun.  An example of the Cameron Poster's it produces is

However the election has not been fun for another former sailor, Mark Solomon of Stroud in Gloucestershire.  Mark is angry with politicians (I wonder why - suggestions on an expenses form please) and the sight of them on his TV after he has had a drink often results in him shouting at his TV.  This has earned him an ASBO.  On Thursday 8th April Judge Picton released him from two weeks on remand in prison with a sentence of 200 hours unpaid work, 60 days training and a requirement to report to court monthly for breaching his ASBO.

Within a week Mark Solomon was again back in court for shouting at politicians on his TV.  This time he was jailed for 16 weeks. That means he is inside for the election and has lost his right to vote.

So to recap

MPs jailed for fiddling expenses = 0
Voters jailed for angry shouting at MPs on TV = 1

British justice don't you just love it.

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