Sunday, 18 April 2010

Britain Safe for 48 hours

Following bold action by Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, the young people of England, Scotland, Wales and part of Ireland were safe for 48 hours this weekend.  Johnson in the early hours of Friday morning banned the drug Mephedrone following advice from the AMCD that they hadn't got a clue.

Websites that sold so called "legal highs" are temporarily closed as they stock up with a new product range

Hot tip is 5,6-Methylenedioxy-2-aminoindane normally referred to as MDAI which is very similar to ecstasy.

A quick internet search shows a growing wholesale market

Is it safer or more harmful than Mephedrone?  Is it safer or more dangerous than alcohol? 

Who knows?  Certainly the Government has no intention in providing good quality scientific advice.  Instead they will after a few months of soundbites end up banning it and giving us a 48 hour break before the next "legal high" hits the online retailers.

Meanwhile what is the bet this new product will be heavily promoted by media condemnation over the coming weeks?


  1. Is that Wikipedia in your favourites bar!? Oh John...

  2. Good spot! I am afraid I am not one of those Wiki snobs and consult it regularly as a source of information and indeed I often use links to it in this blog. Of course it has its errors but then so do many textbooks and you can't correct them!