Monday, 15 February 2010

Whose terrorism? What terror? - Update

I posted a blog Whose terrorism? What terror? on the 20th December 2009 in which I called for readers to write protesting at the treatment of Sunny Nasir Ahmed in HMP Glenochil.  Sunny was being victimised for becoming friends with Mohammed Atif Sadique, a convicted "terrorist".  Sunny's treatment by the prison service demonstrated how prison service racism is trying its hardest to radicalise muslim prisoners.

Last week the Appeal Court in Edinburgh threw out Mohammed Atif Sadique's conviction and set him free declaring his case a miscarriage of justice.  Sunny remains in prison and I suspect will continue to be victimised for his friendship with a man who the prison service still regards a terrorist but who was in fact a victim of a miscarriage of justice.

Letters of solidarity to

Sunny Nasir Ahmed,

HMP Glenochil
King O'Muir Road
FK10 3AD

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