Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Tasers & Typos

Tasers are both becoming widely issued to British police and widely used.  Often the use is inappropriate as a Daily Mail article last year when it highlighted police had used their new toys on
  • Stray Dogs
  • Runaway Sheep
  • An 89 year old man suffering from dementia
  • Children
  • (and accidentally) on police officers themselves
There is evidence that they are being used routinely with little regard for the safety of the public.  Today the Mail published another story highlighting how the police had "accidentally" shot a man working on a friends garden. Having read the story I "accidentally" forgot to bookmark it before I got distracted in reading another story in the mail (see my next blog!!)

So I did a quick search only to find that in the earlier today the story had been published with the authors unedited comments.  Fortunately the keen eyed reader who spotted it had taken a screen shot.

The Mail have now removed Mr Cox's "meat and two"  and instead given him genitals.

Hat tip JoJo_Wood

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