Tuesday, 15 December 2009

In praise of ...

The Wikileaks website which allows people to anonymously publish confidential documents whose authors don't want the public to see.

It current allows access to the
gagging order obtained by Tiger Woods lawyers on everyone in this country banning the publication of nude or lewd pictures of Tiger
A copy of the Newsnight video about toxic dumping in the Ivory coast which the BBC removed following threats from Carter Ruck the lawyer heavies engaged by Trafigura whose waste it was.
A book claiming that the McCanns murdered Maddie.
Wikileaks gets all sorts of material into the public domain. Is it all true? I doubt it, but overall exposure is a good thing. CCTV may be watching us, but we can through the web be watching the state and other powerful actors.

To those who set up and maintain Wikileaks respect and thanks.

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